Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Glow, pastel, 14 x 11
Demo from this morning's pastel class. I posted an oil version of this same scene a few days ago that I painted on location. Thought it would make a great subject for this week's pastel classes, in which I wanted to cover a different underpainting technique than we usually use...

This painting started with a colorful underpainting using an alcohol wash over approximately 6 bright colors blocked in roughly according to value masses. Although I usually start my pastel work with a mostly monochromatic underpainting in order to set up the value structure, I also like to use this method when I want to get more interpretive with the color. This method works especially well when your landscape subject matter has an overabundance of green. This scene here is from a spring day, which means lots of bright greens on trees that aren't quite filled out yet with their foliage...not an easy situation to make look rich and interesting. By having a contrasting color peeking through some of those greens, you're able to create depth and richness, as well as more easily establish warm greens and cool greens. Plus, colorful underpaintings are just plain fun to do!

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