Friday, May 25, 2012

Hay Bales on the Hill, oil, 8 x 8
This is an oil version of a similar pastel painting I did a few months ago. Click here to see the pastel version.  I sold the pastel painting, but it was one of my favorites, so I thought I'd see how it translated into oil. I first thought I'd work from the same photo I used for the pastel version, but also pulled up the image of the pastel piece on my computer. Since I liked the color palette I used for the pastel, I ended up mostly using the image of that painting as my reference. Although I used a square format, which changed up the composition from my pastel version, I was able to keep a very similar color treatment.

Even though I've been working pretty consistently in oil for quite awhile now, I've still worked more years in pastel. So pastel is still like a first language to me, with oil being my second language. Sometimes it works well for me to first figure out in pastel what I want to do with a painting, and then it seems easier to translate that interpretation into oil. That's what I did today on "Hay Bales on the Hill."