Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Workshop Roundup - Pastel Society of Tampa Bay

I just returned from teaching a workshop for the Pastel Society of Tampa Bay in Dunedin, FL, and was also honored to serve as judge for their member show. This was a warm and enthusiastic group who welcomed me and took excellent care of me during my visit...from showing me around their town to wining and dining me! The workshop was hosted by the Dunedin Fine Art Center, which has to be the most impressive art center I've seen. We enjoyed an exceptionally well equipped and roomy studio space with great light!

Show below are my demos I painted during the workshop. I completed one demo each of the three days. My workshops focus on interpreting the landscape. It's a studio workshop, so we work from photos, and go through a series of exercises that help to interpret the landscape rather than just copy from the photo. I address composition, color palette and simplifying.

Calm and Quiet, pastel, 12x12

Golden Hour, pastel, 11x14

A Summer Afternoon, pastel, 11x14

Getting ready to wet down the underpainting
for Calm and Quiet

Critique time.

Our big, comfy studio.

My awesome group. The empty chair
belongs to Kathy Detrano, who's taking the photo.
(Thanks, Kathy!)


  1. Lucky ladies who were in your workshop and your demo pieces are just gorgeous!

  2. My thoughts exactly - I would have loved to be there! Interpreting a landscape, not just copying a photo or a plein air scene is such a challenge and your work inspires me to keep trying, Barbara.

  3. Love your colors, composition and subject matter. They are all lovely!

  4. Sorry I'm just now catching up on my blog comments. Thanks for the great feedback, everyone! I appreciate each comments. :-)

  5. it was GREAT to have you here at the Dunedin Fine Art Center Barbara...

    1. A HUGE thank you to everyone at DFAC! Your art center is amazing!!!