Friday, August 19, 2011

White-on-White Still Life

Coffee Cups, 10 x 8
This past week in my classes, I thought it was time for still life.  When I'm not able to get out for plein air painting for a length of time, I find it helpful to get away from photos for a bit and work from life, even if it's still inside the studio.  Since we should (hopefully) have some cooler temps in the morning in a couple of weeks, and with my son back in school, plein air outings will soon be on my calendar.  Still life work can serve as a good warmup!

This painting was a paint-a-long I did for a private class.  It was a completely white-on-white set-up, so with color out of the picture, we could focus more on value (using any color) and "lost and found" edges.  I find this to be a great exercise to revisit every once in awhile. 

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