Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still "workin' out west"

Uphill Climb, 14 x 11
At the IAPS Convention I bought Girault's "Southwestern" set of 25 pastels, since I now have lots of Southwestern reference photos from both Arizona and New Mexico.  For this painting, I went back to one of my Arizona photos to try out these new pastels.  I also used them on yesterday's painting.  Something else a bit different on both today's and yesterday's paintings is the surface.  For about a couple of years now I've been using my own prepared pastel boards, but since taking a workshop at IAPS using the UART paper, I decided to work on that some more for a change.  The Girault pastels work great on the UART paper (and would aso work well on Wallis and other similar sanded papers), but I'm not sure they work well on the more textured boards.  Need to experiment some more, though.  For both of these recent paintings, I started with a monchromatic Turpenoid underpainting.

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