Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Autumn Trees Aglow

Autumn Trees Aglow, 9 x 12
In my most recent weekly pastel classes, I had students start a painting from a photo that was manipulated in Photoshop to exagerate the contrast.  In the high contast version of the photo, the image gets divided into 3 - 4 values, making it easier to block in large areas of distinct values.  This technique doesn't work for all photos, but is sometimes a helpful technique to use in the initial stages of the painting when working with busy subject matter, such as large areas of tree foliage.

I also wanted to try my hand at using harmonious colors (see posting below) in this piece.  I must say, that's actually easier to do in oil!

I started two very similar demo versions of this painting...one in each of my pastel classes.  I only had time this past week to finish one of them.  (But I'm not telling either class which one I finished. ;-) )

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