Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Way-back Wednesday - Week 1

For artists who sell their work, it's odd sometimes when your favorite pieces don't sell, but other pieces you think are not as strong DO sell. Of course, art is and always will be somewhat subjective. People like what they like.

As older work starts to pile up in my studio, I go through it and sometimes purge some of the pieces I now feel were indeed weak. Like most artists, I have stacks and stacks of paintings that have never been been shown anywhere, and I would never consider attempting to sell them to anyone anywhere. But we all know that those "dud" paintings are necessary in order to eventually produce the ones that do make it out of the studio.

Well, as I'm realizing it's again time to purge some of my small pieces that I normally sell online, I was going through some older work and picked out some of my favorites that have never sold. I'd like to offer a two of these pieces each week for the next three weeks leading up to Christmas at a reduced price. All of the work would be 8x10 or 9x12 pastels from approximately 2 years ago, and available to purchase for $85 each (for either size) plus $12 shipping (and tax for GA residents) through Daily Paintworks/PayPal. And yes, these are among my favorites that I feel don't deserve to go in my "purge" pile!

I'm only promoting this through my blog to my faithful blog readers; not on Facebook or anywhere else. I appreciate all of you who continue to read my blog!

Here are the first two pastel paintings offered for this week:

Freshly Picked, 9x12 pastel on prepared gatorboard

Holiday Prep III, 9x12 pastel on mounted archival paper