Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Quick Visit to my Home State!

I grew up in New Jersey and lived there until 1992 when I moved to Atlanta. Since my sister just moved from New Jersey to Florida a few months ago in search of sunshine and year round beach time, I no longer have any immediate family there. A little odd knowing I won't have reason to visit there nearly as often. But I'm looking forward to a brief visit there in a few days, by way of a quick overnight stay first in New York City to attend the Pastel Society of America awards night on Sunday, and then on to New Jersey ....

On Monday I'm conducting a pastel demonstration in Middletown, NJ (central NJ near the coast) from noon until 3:00. For anyone who'll be in the area at that time, you're invited to attend! If you'll be in the city, you can take a NJ Transit train from Penn Station to Middletown Station (about an hour) which is just across the street from Middletown Arts Center where the demo will be held. See the flyer above for details. (Yes, you can still register, or even decide last minute and just show up and pay at the door!)

Hope to see some of you there...either at the PSA show or at the demo in Middletown!

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