Monday, July 28, 2014

Back from Michigan and on to Wisconsin!

Top O' The Dune, pastel, 11x14

Last week I made another visit to the Traverse City area of Michigan, along beautiful Lake Michigan. I was there last year around this time teaching elsewhere in that area, and thoroughly enjoyed both of these visits! This one was for ArtCenter Traverse City, where I spent three days with a real friendly bunch.

Above is my one of my completed demos from this recent workshop, and directly below is another.

Snow and Stripes, pastel, 14x11

Shown below are these demos about  90% completed during the workshop, alongside the reference photo (on my iPad) and the thumbnails showing how I divide up shapes and then simplify those shapes. Sorry my thumbnails aren't showing up better here, but possibly you can zoom in on them if you're viewing this on something that allows that.

I typically cap off my workshops with some minimal stroke exercises. Shown below is my demo completed in 100 strokes.

100-stroke demo, 6x8

Next month it's on to Wisconsin to teach a 4-day pastel workshop for Dillman's Art Workshops Retreat, August 18 - 21. Details on my website at or at

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