Saturday, August 31, 2013

Composition Workshop in Dahlonega, GA This Week!

Summertime Fading, oil, 10x8

For those of you in the area, this Thursday and Friday (9/5 & 9/6), I'm teaching a workshop on composition at The Art Loft in Dahlonega, GA, where we'll spend two days completely immersed in manipulating landscape subject matter for the most impactful design. We'll pick apart the compositions of noteworthy artists, figure out what makes them work so well, and then apply them to our own landscape work. 

Last month I taught a similar workshop and posted some details and demo here to see.  

This is open to artists working in pastel and oil/acrylic, and I'll conduct demos in oil and pastel. $225. See for details. 

Feel free to contact me at with any questions about this workshop.


  1. I enjoyed the posts, barbara! I always read yours...sometimes twice :)