Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quiet Solitude, oil, 16 x 20
Lately the majority of my blog posts have been demos from my pastel classes, but today I was excited to post this painting. I did a pastel version of this scene almost a year ago. As I look at that painting every once in awhile, I realize that it's become a favorite of mine. It's interesting how, over time, some paintings I grow to like more, and some, less. I imagine most artists have that same experience.

Amicalola View, pastel, 11 x 14
This particular pastel piece is one that I've grown to like more over the past several months. Not sure if it's the earthy greens I used (I usually have trouble sticking with the local "green" color), the graceful tree shape with negative shapes that didn't end up looking "machine made," or maybe the strong contrast of the vibrant blue mountains that I consciously decided to bump up a bit from the actual scene, but after looking at it for close to a year, I decided that it works for me.

Although I didn't achieve quite the same poetic look of the tree shape in the oil painting as I did in the pastel version, I still felt it spoke the same message.


  1. They are both beautiful pieces. The tree is lacelike and the curve of the land and mountains and their contrasting colors are wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Debora! You've pointed out in your comment the areas of the scene that I really strived to "get right." I appreciate it!

  3. The pastel is lovely and stands on its own merit.
    The oil speaks to my love of soft edges and airiness. I love the overall harmony especially how the cool colors bleed through the grasses in the foreground.

  4. Thanks, Jill! I really appreciate the kind feedback.