Monday, June 18, 2012

Side Street Shed, oil, 8 x 8
I recently gathered some reference photos for the Buildings & Structures series I'm currently teaching in my Wed. and Thurs. pastel classes. But I decided to use one of those photos for this quick little oil study today, after struggling with a couple of other failed paintings earlier in the day.

Funny how you can work hours on an unsuccessful painting, but then be pleased with another that took only  a fraction of the time. I try not to let that bother me too much, since I hear from so many other artists that this is a common frustration. I think for me, it often has to do with my initial "vision" for the painting, or how I plan to interpret the scene into artwork, whether it be plein air, a still life, or from a photo. Sometimes when I don't have that initial vision, the painting just sort of flounders and I end up just turning myself into a camera and copying the subject matter.

The reference photo for "Side Street Shed" and the others I'll be using for my classes in the coming weeks are from Historic Roswell, GA along Canton Street.


  1. Well, this one is certainly beautiful, Barbara. Lovely shadows cast by the tree on the left

    1. Thanks, Sunny! The shadows were what made me want to paint it!