Thursday, February 16, 2012

Curve in the Path, pastel, 9 x 12
"If you speak from your weaknesses, you'll never run out of material."  I heard this quote recently. Although the person speaking it wasn't referring to anything relating to the art world, it explains very accurately how I go about coming up with topics to teach in my classes. I can't really say that color has ever been instinctive for me. But I've found ways around that. I often plan my color palette and pick apart colors used in artwork by favorite artists. So for the past two weeks I've had my classes plan their color palettes in the same way.  The desert scene we did last week had a very different color palette from this one, and we looked at the specific pastels used for each one.  It's often surprising when you go through an exercise like this.  The pastel sticks you end up using, when carefully chosen like this, aren't usually the ones you'd initially think to use.  "Curve in the Path" is my demo from this morning's class.

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