Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Closing out Summer

Don't hate me, but I can't wait for summer to be over.

Even though I tend to be the person who's always cold, I still much prefer a colder climate. I love cuddling up in blankets and warm clothes. I hate sweating when I'm not even exercising. And since I live in the land of green here in the southeast, I also love the more varied color palette of the colder seasons. I'm looking forward to delving into more snow scenes in the coming months. I still paint them year round--I normally include at least one snow scene demo in all of my workshops--but I tend to stay somewhat seasonal in my local classes and in much of my studio work, and of course the current season dictates my plein air work.

In this post I thought I'd include the demos from my recent workshop I taught at Dillman's Art Workshops Retreat in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin, and also a few other summer paintings.

A note about Dillman's...What a wonderful place to teach (or take!) a workshop! It's a secluded location along a peninsula in northern Wisconsin that provides the perfect atmosphere to immerse yourself in your creative pursuit. Their studio facility is open 24 hours for student use, and accommodations are provided right there within their rustic resort atmosphere...complete with boat rides, yoga classes, campfires, and the beautiful calls of the loons.

I had a fantastic group of artists for this workshop. Besides a productive four days of class, we enjoyed talking art and getting to know each other each evening at dinner. Below are my demos from this workshop:

Winter Walk, pastel, 12x12
Evening's Approach, pastel, 14x11
Summer Shadows, pastel, 11x14

(We also did a day of my minimal stroke exercises, but I'm thinking I may do a separate blog post at some point in the future with various demos of this exercise.)

Following below are a few landscapes from the past few summer months that I thought would be fun to share here to wrap up the summer season!

View Through the Trees, pastel, 8x10
August Afternoon, oil, 8x10
Summer Stillness, oil, 8x10
Down the 'Hooch, oil, 8x10
Georgia Morning Mist, pastel, 11x14
Top 'O The Dune, pastel, 11x14

Out in the Dunes, oil, 8x10

Evening's Shade, pastel, 11x14

Upcoming Workshops:
I'm headed to Springfield, Oregon next month and Charlotte, NC in October. I'm happy to learn that both of these workshops are all filled up. Listed below are workshops scheduled over the next several months which still have openings...

New Braunfels, TX - Oct. 13, 14 & 15 (pastel)
Dahlonega, GA - Nov. 6 & 7 (Composition Boot Camp, oil/pastel)
Austel, GA - Nov. 15 (oil)

Stephensville, MD - Feb. 6, 7 & 8 (pastel)
Bonita Springs, FL - Feb. 25, 26 & 27 (pastel)

Details are on my website at www.barbarajaenicke.com.

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