Monday, March 3, 2014

Workshop Wrap Up - Akron Society of Artists, Akron, OH

One of the best parts of teaching workshops is having the opportunity to meet friendly, enthusiastic artists who are eager to learn. My experience last week during my pastel workshop for the Akron Society of Artists in Akron, OH was no exception! With a mix of new and experienced artists in this group, we all enjoyed sharing knowledge and talking art for three days straight!

Day 1 demo...

Hilltop View, 11x14
Day 2 demo...

Warm Memory, 11x14
underpainting for Warm Memory

Day 3 demo...

minimal stroke exercise...completed in 100 strokes
Snow on the Marsh Impression, 6x8 (after a few touch up strokes)

During my visit for this workshop, I was honored to have the Akron Society of Artists (ASA) ask me to lead their critique group one evening. This is a group comprised of many accomplished artists with some "wow" paintings, which made this a challenging yet extremely enjoyable experience. Thank you, ASA!


  1. Love the minimal stroke exercise Barbara!

    1. Thanks, Jeff! It tends to be a favorite workshop exercise for a lot of students.