Friday, July 19, 2013

Up Close & Personal, Part 2

A Quiet Little Spot, pastel, 8x10

Continuing with our "Up Close & Personal" series in my weekly pastel classes, we studied another water scene, this time with some sticks and branches. And also still with some wispy grass, as with last week's example, it was still crucial to begin with large, connected abstract shapes. I blocked in these shapes as loosely as possible; however, they were carefully placed (previously planned out in a quick thumbnail sketch). The block-in was done mostly monochromatic, with some added orange placed beneath where the bright blues of the water would be added.

While working over the underpainting, it was important to keep the large shapes as connected as possible while breaking down each area with only the necessary details.

As you can see from the source photo, lots of editing took place here. I only added a small amount of the skinny branches...just a few to catch the light...and kept the grass only loosely indicated, since I wanted the focus to stay on the sunlit base of the tree.

"A Quiet Little Spot" is my demo from my Thursday class.

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