Monday, October 8, 2012

Colorful Underpaintings in my Monday Class

November Marsh, pastel, 9x12
Last week in my Monday class we did a monochromatic underpainting. This week we jazzed things up a bit using a colorful underpainting. While some thought was given to the values initially blocked in for the underpainting, the main goal was to first underpaint colors that would contrast nicely with the colors ultimately layered overtop.

Underpainting for November Marsh
Liquid underpaintings work great to allow you to layer complimentary colors without ending up with mud. When you wet down a color, it becomes a dry surface on which to overlay it's compliment, giving you some nice clean, "sparkly" contrast. Here I used an orange and yellow-orange under the sky and water, and various purples and blue-purples under the yellow-orange hues.

November Marsh is my demo from this morning's class.

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