Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just a Touch of Sunlight, oil, 12 x 16
Rum River Glow, oil 11 x 14

Along with much of the US, the Atlanta, GA area where I live has been unbearably hot the past few weeks. Sooooo, I thought it would be a great time to break from the greens of summer, change up the color palette, and cool off with some winter landscapes. 

In Just a Touch of Sunlight, I wanted to capture the slight glimmer of sunlight on the side of the barn and the grass to the right of it. To get the effect I wanted, I found that I needed to add more grass to the foreground than what was actually there.

Rum River Glow was a piece that I did several months ago and set aside, knowing it needed changes. I talk more about that in an earlier post. I rephotographed it since that earlier post and was able to reduce the glare now that it's dry. 

Speaking of photographing oil paintings, I photographed both of these outside earlier today. I know that many artists prefer to photograph their work outside. I normally shoot my work in my studio with spotlights. I was always unsure if I could get even lighting with shooting outside. Since I just finished Just a Touch of Sunlight yesterday, and used some glazes, the glare was a big problem. And I needed to get a good shot of it today to make a deadline for a show entry. So today was my first attempt at photographing my work outside. I found it to be a great solution for the glare problem on still-wet oils!


  1. I know what you mean about the glare. For the smaller oils I have a great north light window in my studio that gives nice even light so I set the painting up on a small table next to the window. The bigger ones I bring outside on the porch. So far this seems to work best. I love the winter paintings!!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I don't seem to get quite enough light from my "northish" facing window. I think it's too blocked by the house next to us. Today was the first time I hauled everything outside, and was glad I did!