Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Church on Mimosa Blvd., oil, 8 x 10
A group of us had John Guernsey teach another plein air session with us yesterday.  Since one of his specialties is buildings/structures, we chose a location accordingly.  We painted along Mimosa Blvd. in Roswell, GA.  John's demo was very similar to the scene I painted here.  Although mine isn't quite finished and I see a few things off kilter, I'll probably leave it as is so I don't cover up areas John discussed with me or tweaked a bit on my canvas.  I like to keep paintings like this from classes and workshop to serve as learning tools in view in my studio so I can reference them as I work on new paintings.  I photographed this quickly just before I packed up my gear yesterday, hence the little added piece of nature stuck to the canvas  next to the church steeple.

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