Saturday, March 5, 2011

Same scene, two different approaches.

Dirt Road, 11 x 14
Class demonstration using an alcohol wash underpainting.

Lead the Way, 8 x 10
Done en plein air on a red background.
 We worked on liquid underpaintings in my weekly classes recently, and I demonstrated using a photo from a scenic spot where I had painted en plein air (on location) awhile back.  I took the photo from the exact vantage point that I painted. It was interesting to look at the differences in the two paintings.  I think I prefer the looseness and spontaneity of the plein air version.  I wish I had left more of the underpainting showing through on the studio version.  But with more time in the comfort of my studio later after class, and my goal of making the tall, wispy grass look soft and wind-blown, I fussed with it and covered more of the surface than I planned.  I imagine I was also able to see value differences more clearly on location vs. from the photograph, which I believe was the cause for most of my "fussing."  In both classes, we agreed that the biggest challenge was to discern the values in the grassy areas. Spring is around the corner...must get outside and paint more!

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